Kinetik E-Series: Eastern Europe’s First E-Go Kart Championship

JUL 26, 2023

Driven by a shared vision, our team of passionate enthusiasts and industry pioneers embarked on a journey to revolutionize the electric motorsport world. We aimed to showcase the power, speed, and eco-consciousness of our Kinetik Electric Go-Karts.

F1 Racecar
F1 Race car

What gap inspired us to start the journey?

For over sixty years, go-karting has served as the launchpad for the careers of Formula 1 champions. In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift towards a greener and more eco-friendly state of motorsports existence. Electric categories have emerged in renowned races such as Rally Paris-Dakar, FIA Endurance Championship, Isle of Man TT, and in all-electric series like MotoE World Cup, Extreme E, Rallycross, and Electric GT.

However, none have made as significant an impact as Formula E, the 100% electric alternative to the pinnacle of racing, Formula 1. Despite a challenging start, Formula E has achieved undeniable success, with a growing fan base and increasing support from manufacturers.

Formula E car
Formula E car

The aspirations of the new generation are now turning towards Formula E, an eco-friendly electric version of the motorsport summit. While the path to Formula 1 has been well-established for decades, the route to Formula E remains less defined.

Recognizing this gap in the development of future pilots in E-sports, Kinetik Karts was born. Our mission is to equip aspiring racers with the necessary skills to thrive in the new generation of electric racing machines.

Kinetik 27 and Kinetik 07 on the trach
Kinetik 27 and Kinetik 07 on the trach

Our hard beginning 

Our story began with a single idea and the question “Why not?” Two years ago, we embarked on an ambitious journey to create the world’s fastest electric kart. Taking on an even greater challenge, our team successfully built an all-electric sports car from scratch using 3D printers for rapid prototyping and final parts.

Initially met with scepticism, we overcame the doubts that we were reaching beyond our limits. People’s attitudes shifted as our Co-Founder and test pilot, Pavel Lefterov, shattered records with our prototype.

Today, we proudly stand as pioneers in electric motorsport, organizing the first-ever electric go-kart championship in Eastern Europe.

Kinetik E-Series Karts
Kinetik E-Series Karts

Kinetik Electric Series – the first edition in a nutshell

The Kinetik E-Series commenced in Varna on October 5th, 2022, offering the pilots an opportunity to familiarize themselves with both the track and their opponents’ skills. Over the course of two intense days of racing, filled with suspense and surprises, the podium saw Peter Muller (1st and 3rd place), Danislav Arsov (2nd and 2nd place), Diyan Dimitrov (3rd place), and Antoine Angelov (1st place) emerge victorious.

Kinetik E-Series in Kyustendil
Kinetik E-Series in Kyustendil

The track in Kyustendil not only provided a breathtaking view but also featured strategically positioned turns that allowed for thrilling overtaking manoeuvres, fully showcasing the capabilities of the Kinetik Electric Karts. Once again, the competition pushed the limits, where situations were “on the edge”. After four emotionally charged days of racing, Peter Muller (1st and 2nd place), Danislav Arsov (2nd and 1st place), Antoan Angelov (3rd place), and Diyan Dimitrov (3rd place) celebrated their podium finishes.

Kinetik E-Series Pilots Racing
Kinetik E-Series Pilots Racing

The round held in Sofia proved to be pivotal in determining the champion of the inaugural Eastern European E-Carting Championship. Danislav Arsov held a four-point advantage over Peter Muller, securing the overall victory for the German competitor.

Ellis Spiecia, Pavel Lefterov and Peter Muller
Ellis Spiecia, Pavel Lefterov and Peter Muller

Notably, this round witnessed the participation of three foreign drivers, including Ellis Spiezia from the USA. Ellis is a long-known friend of Kinetik. He is a professional pilot specialising in electric cars and karts. He has raced in every E-Go Kart championship in the world, in the ERA championship and many, many more! His presence and expertise in the “Kinetik Automotive” championship affirmed the world-class status of KES and its machines.

The round concluded with podium finishes for Danislav Arsov (1st and 2nd place), Peter Muller (2nd and 1st place), Ellys Spiezia (3rd place), and Ilian Iliev (3rd place).

With the conclusion of the Kinetik E-Series’ final round, three remarkable individuals made their mark on the championship’s history by claiming podium finishes.

Big Winners in KES 2022
Big Winners in KES 2022

Peter Muller (126 points)

Danislav Arsov (122 points)

Diyan Dimitrov (78 points)

This is how ended the very first electric go-kart championship in Eastern Europe. Our next plans?

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Together, we’ll build the bridge between the young talents and Formula E!

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