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We were told it was impossible.
Gladly we didn’t have the time to listen…

Like every great story, ours began with a single idea and the question ‘Why not?’. Back in 2016 we set out on a journey to create the world’s first all-electric sports car for the track. We envisioned it to be highly customizable, extremely exciting to drive, with proprietary software and completely built in-house.

As you could probably imagine, all we heard was that such a project was way out of our reach and that we had no chance of succeeding. People’s attitude changed, however, as we unveiled our fully operational prototype at the John Atanasoff Innovation Forum in late 2019, having accomplished all of the abovementioned criteria and a lot more

"A few talented and extremely
driven individuals."

Three years into that journey, what we are most proud of, probably more than the Model 07 itself, is that we managed to achieve it all with just a small team and rather limited resources. Behind Kinetik Automotive you won’t find a large corporate-controlled operation with numerous investors, but a few talented and extremely driven individuals.

The materialisation of our vision has become a real testimony to our abilities and motivation. And the best thing is that thanks to our constant striving to learn and innovate we are yet to tap into our team’s full potential, so you could be sure to expect new and exciting projects in the months and years to come!

"Teamwork has been the key
to our success and our workplace
certainly reflects that. "

Having said that, we have always realised that teamwork has been the key to our success, and our workplace certainly reflects that. From the very beginning, we opted for an open space where we could constantly communicate, share ideas and have a great time while working.

The unique chemistry that we have going on has really helped us transform our office into our second home and a place where we love spending most of our time. As in the end, this project means a lot to us and we see it as much more than just work. It is our dream and vision for the future of motoring and we are highly motivated to see it through.

"We are creating boutique products
that currently have no equivalent."

As a result of all this and thanks to the latest rapid prototyping techniques, we are creating boutique products that currently have no equivalent. Our customers are not simply buying a car, but a unique experience and a level of customization and personalization unseen before.

Here we are not simply talking about choosing the exterior and interior colours or the wheel design and size, no. If you order the Model 07, you are going to work closely with our team of designers and engineers to craft a one- off vehicle with unparalleled design, interior, infotainment system and drivetrain. Yes, you read that right, the drivetrain can also be altered to meet the customers’ unique requirements and preferences. We can even go as far as putting your initials or brand logos in place of the Kinetik Automotive badge to ensure that you are going to have a one-of-a-kind experience.

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