About Us

At Kinetik we strive to create highly customizable products that not only meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients but also match their personalities.

Here you can get the chance to innovate, solve unique issues and play a key role in our brand’s future development. You will be working alongside bright, extremely motivated and talented people who will go above and beyond to prove people wrong and achieve the impossible. No matter how crazy an idea might be, if they can think of it, they are going to try and make it happen.

Eager to Learn and Innovate

On a day to day basis, we encounter issues that no one has before. It is the byproduct of innovation. There isn’t a textbook or an online forum in existence that can help you with solving problems that haven’t existed before.

To cope with this situation we require from each member of our team to adopt a particular mindset that promotes asking a lot of questions. We are always trying to find out why and how things work and whether there is any room for improvement.

Moreover, we stay on top of the latest technological advancements and newly developed materials, to see if any of them can be incorporated into our work process.

A Place to Experiment

As a small and independent company we have a much greater freedom to indulge in audacious experiments, than the giants in the automotive industry. Of course being involved in such unique projects means that a lot of innovation needs to take place before any tangible results can be attained.

For example, we recently finished developing a battery pack of our own design for one of our latest products. To make it happen, we had to find a way to work around issues such as fitting it into an already crowded frame, manufacturing custom mounts, creating an effective cooling system to keep the temperature down, introducing enough structural rigidity, while keeping the weight as low as possible, locating and terminating possible leaks as well as many others.

The list is long and this is just one of the many components required to complete any of our products.

"The ability to learn, and immediately convert that knowledge into action, is our team's strongest advantage." YAVOR YANKOV
A Culture Built for Builders

We have a flat structure without titles—it’s about what you do, not what you’re called. We value managers who are (and remain) experts in their areas and are hands-on practitioners, while also focused on developing talent and designing successful orgs.

You can have massive impact and material progression in your career without managing anyone. We want you to take what you’ve been hired to do, and show us how it’s done—you might create something we never would have imagined.

We have had account managers start a publishing arm, interns who have run business units, and hackathon participants who have built company-defining products.

Sharing Expertise

Our colleagues have skills and knowledge in different fields, all of which are vital to our operation. However, being such a small team means that all of us need to be engaged in multiple stages of the development and manufacturing processes.

To achieve this we are constantly sharing knowledge and enriching our areas of expertise. Thus, good and constant communication has always been a must for us. We work in an open space, which allows us to discuss ideas and issues as we go.

Moreover, we are using multiple channels of communication to help keep a constant stream of information going. This multidisciplinary approach has really enabled us to tackle large projects with the speed and efficiency of companies several times our size.

  • Automotive Design
  • 3D Scanning, Parametric Modelling and Simulations
  • Virtual and Augmented Realities
  • 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
  • Custom Electronics
  • Proprietary Software
  • In-House Developed Interface
  • Mechatronics
  • Post Processing
Automotive Design:

We strive to create designs that would withstand the test of time and look just as relevant in twenty or fifty years as they do today. In our designs, the form always comes after function, and that all lines serve a purpose.

That being said, we also offer customers the chance to work together with our team of designers and create a truly unique looking vehicle, only constrained by their imagination and the parameters of the platform. Such units will come with a certificate guaranteeing that they will never be duplicated, making them one of a kind.

3D Scanning, Parametric
Modelling and Simulations:

We are in many ways different from the rest of the automotive industry, but the one thing that most people can immediately think of is the fact that we use 3D printing extensively.

But before we can manufacture any of the components, they need to go through a few key stages. First and foremost, we create an accurate parametric model before test fitting it into the overall vehicle model. Then we run a number of simulations that help us assess how the part is going to affect factors such as the vehicle’s aerodynamics, top speed, acceleration, cooling, structural rigidity and many others. Only after we have achieved satisfactory results are we going to.

That being said, we have made the conscious decision to use a small number of off-the-shelf elements because of their well-established efficiency and reliability. To introduce them into the virtual models use the latest 3D scanning techniques that ensure an accurate and detailed representation.

Virtual and Augmented Realities:

If you’ve had any previous experience in designing products, you would know that the faster you iterate, the faster you are going to learn from your mistakes and make meaningful progress. The virtual and augmented realities allow us to go through this cycle a few times each day! As you could probably imagine, this significantly shortens the development time for every new product.

As a further matter, evaluating parts that have not yet been produced, being able to see what they look like as well as how well they fit into the rest of a project helps us plan well in advance and make better use of our resources. In fact, moving away from using clay and adopting these methods was a huge leap forward in our development. Moreover, it was amongst the main factors that enabled us to complete the Model 07 platform so quickly.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping:

We are amongst the pioneers of large scale 3D printing within the automotive industry. Currently, we own more than 10 different devices ranging from the 1 cubic meter FDM by BigRep to the smaller and extremely precise SLA printers. In terms of the materials ABS, HIPS, CPE, PLA, PVA and PETG are the ones we use the most, however, we are increasingly incorporating carbon-rich and recycled filaments into our work process. In addition to the 3D printers, we have a variety of CNC machines that further increase our capabilities.

The main reason why we have adopted such an innovative approach is that it best suits our goal of making boutique electric vehicles. To do that we need to produce a limited number of unique parts and there really is no better way to go about it. These methods ensure low time for manufacturing as well as extremely high reproduction accuracy, both qualities that are vital to our brand.

Custom Electronics:

Designing and building our own electronics gives us yet another opportunity to make our products stand out from the crowd. When talking about custom electronics, two examples immediately come to mind. The first is the steering wheel on the Model 07. Besides the fact that it has been designed and 3D printed inhouse, it also offers quick access to the turn signals, hazard lights, low and high beams, horn and the engine start button.

The wheel’s party piece, however, is the fact that it retains a wireless communication with the car, even when it is removed for ease of access. Once put back in, it will automatically charge its batteries. Another great feature are the front and rear lights which are made out of individual pixels, which allows us to produce visually stunning animations.

Proprietary Software:

 Once we took the decision to develop a platform that allows for indefinite customization, we had to start thinking about the vehicle’s computer brain. In order to have full control over the car and the ability to tailor it according to each client’s individual needs, we had to develop our own software. It was a huge undertaking, however, we are more than happy that we took this road.

Having written every single line of code, we are in a position to tweak all of the car’s functions and processes. From custom animations for the front and rear lights to the powertrain’s behaviour. This way we can ensure a truly unique experience for each individual client.

In-House Developed Interface:

In our search for the perfect driving experience, we envisioned a contextual interface that would only provide the information that the driver needs when he needs it. This called for a simple and clean design, a combination of digital and analogue readouts and clever use of colours.

The end result is an extremely intuitive system that features three modes – Road, Race and Eco, which have been tailored to display the data most relevant to each of the scenarios. It allows the driver to focus on the road ahead, lay faster and more consistent lap times and ultimately better enjoy the pleasure of driving.


We have worked hard to make it possible for all mechanical processes to be actuated by the computer, based on data collected from a number of sensors, as well as by the driver himself.  For example, the height and the pitch of the rear spoiler on the Model 07 platform are automatically changed according to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

Moreover, the spoiler and the hood can be controlled from the dash, as well by using a remote control or a smartphone. In addition, the seat, steering column and pedal box can all move independently to ensure the perfect driving position.

Post Processing:

Once the parts are taken out of the 3D printers or off the CNC machines, they are post-processed to ensure both great rigidity and a perfect finish. On top of the usual sanding, media blasting, painting and polishing that everyone’s accustomed to, we are one of the few companies that also make use of fibreglass and carbon fibre skinning.

These techniques have the ability to make parts much stiffer and harder to break as well as a lot more resilient to extreme weather conditions. And the best part is that they gain all these benefits while keeping the weight down.


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