Championship Kart

  • Motor Power

    40 kWs

  • Motor Torque

    120 Nm

  • Weight

    115 kg

  • 0-100

    3.5 sec

  • Top Speed

    130 kph

Model 27

  • Motor Power

    20 kWs

  • Motor Torque

    90 Nm

  • Weight

    130 kg

  • 0-100

    4.3 sec

  • Top Speed

    105 kph

Key Facts

In-House Developed Software

Our karts run software that we have engineered from the ground up to meet our specific requirements. It allows us to have full control over the drivetrain performance and behaviour, while also introducing a variety of features to elevate the driving experience.

Custom Telemetry

One of the aspects that we introduce to the up and coming field of electric karting is a complex telemetry system that offers drivers, mechanics, engineers and coaches all the information they may need to perform their duties. Contextual interface, full analytics, real-time data collection from onboard and external sensors and more in a cloud-based, easy to access and easy to use platform.

Custom Chassis

Early in the development of the project, we realized that the off-the-shelf chassis present a limitation as they are designed to work with the lower weight of ICE karts. Thus we partnered up with one of the leaders on the market to design and build custom electric kart chassis, which have been strengthened to take the additional weight while offering the same level of handling.

High-Performance Drivetrain

Thanks to some clever engineering and our proprietary software we have managed to reliably extract considerably higher performance from our drivetrain package, than any of our competitors on the market. No overheating, no cutoffs and no stuttering, only relentless power and consistent range.

Striking Design

With the Model 27 we wanted to create a meaner more futuristic-looking kart, as let’s be honest, no one looked at a go-kart and thought ‘Sexy!’. And by simply looking at the people’s reaction during events where we’ve taken it to we can safely say that we have achieved our goal and then some!

3 Tracks. 3 Races. 10 Drivers


May 2023


May 2023


May 2023


May 2023


May 2023

Why Electric

The last few years have seen an indisputable shift in motorsports towards a greener, more eco-friendly state of existence. Our goal is to not only be part of the change but actually lead it.

We decided that we can add the most value by creating an eGo-Kart platform that can be used to kick start the careers of future racing drivers in EV motorsports. Here are some of the key advantages that are unique to our electric go-karts and will help drivers develop their skills:

  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Lower Noise Pollution
  • Zero CO2 Emissions
  • Indoor and Urban Tracks
  • Full Torque Delivery From 0 RPM
  • Full Control Over the Drivetrain
  • Guaranteed Level Playing Field
  • Formula E Level Telemetry System
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition
  • Much Greater Affordability

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Kinetik Electric Karting Championship take place?

The official kick-off of the championship was on 11 - 13.04.2022 with the pre-season testing where the drivers had the opportunity to try the karts for the first time. The second testing was at the end of May. The dates for the three race weekends of the Kinetik Electric Karting Championship will be as follow: 05 - 08 of October (Varna), 25 - 28 of October (Haskovo) and 02 - 05 of November (Sofia).

How many drivers will participate in the Kinetik Electric Karting Championship?

We have a total of ten seats available to drivers for the 2022 season of the championship and they will be filling up quickly. So make sure you get yours as early as possible, if you want to be taking part in the races.

How many races will there be?

We are going to have in total of three races, all of which will be held on outdoor tracks. The tracks that we’ve selected are located in Varna, Haskovo and Sofia as they offer a great mix of both high speed and technical sections. The dates for the three races of the Kinetik Electric Karting Championship will be as follow: 05 - 08 of October (Varna), 25 - 28 of October (Haskovo) and 02 - 05 of November (Sofia).

Do I need a license to participate in the Kinetik Electric Karting Championship?

Yes, all pilots who wish to participate must have a valid national karting license and will be required to provide a copy as part of the application process. If you do not yet have one, please get in touch with us at

Who will supply the go-karts for the Kinetik E-Series?

The go-karts for Kinetik Electric Karting Championship will be supplied by Kinetik Automotive, hence the name. They are the performance variant of the company’s first electric kart - the Kinetik 27.

How can I sign up for the Kinetik E-Series?

To sign up for the Kinetik Championship you need to fill in the pre-registration form. Once you have successfully submitted it, our team will evaluate the candidates and come back to those who meet the requirements. Naturally, the application will be reviewed in the order they were sent.

Can I test drive the karts before deciding whether to sign up for the championship?

Yes, you can! Before the start of the season we will be running a series of preseason tests at some of the tracks where the real racing will take place. The entry fee is €250 and you can sign up on the Kinetik-E Series website.


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