The Team

These are the people whose visions and hard work have made this ambitious endeavour possible. Here is your chance to find out more about the Kinetik family.

Teodosiy Teodosiev Ceo

Teo’s favourite word is ‘impossible’ and he absolutely loves it when people use it to describe any of his undertakings. What he enjoys even more, however, is proving them wrong. His character ain’t easy to depict, though you can’t go wrong by saying that he is a serial entrepreneur and a talent enabler. In all of his ventures, Teodosiy has always sought to empower the passionate, driven and gifted individuals, regardless of their social, academic and professional backgrounds. He believes that this is the only way to ‘hack the system’ and achieve what has previously been seen as impossible.

It should come as no surprise then that Teo’s favourite quote is by Margaret Mead and goes like this: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’ And it almost feels as these words have been used as the very blueprint on which Teodosy has created Kinetik Automotive. Because behind the captivating name and the beautiful logo, there is a small group of considerate and highly driven people who are literally changing the world of motoring.

Ivan Petrov CTO

If the character of Dexter out of Dexter’s Laboratory has a real-life equivalent, that may as well have been Ivan. He is our Chief Technology Officer and most of his time is dedicated to parametric modelling. What this means is that he is exclusively responsible for almost all 3D printed parts created at Kinetik Automotive. Before joining our team, however, he was involved in all matters of exciting projects, most of which he had thought of and realised himself. 


From a very early age, he’s had keen interests in a series of fields amongst which robotics, aeromodelling, electrical engineering and pyrotechnics. By the age of 13 he had already made an electric conversion on his bike, created a 3D model of a CNC machine, a working jet engine and built a Tesla coil to listen to music on. And as if that wasn’t enough of a resume, Ivan has experience programming in multiple languages! Currently, he spends his free time building a large music recording studio, playing the piano and restoring his classic cars.

Kostadin Kostadinov Creative Director

Our creative director is a dedicated automotive enthusiast. Although he studied to be an engineer, he found design to be his calling. As a designer with substantial experience, he has received numerous accolades and awards as well as international recognition for his work. He always relishes a challenge which led him to have a key role in developing Kinetik as a brand as well as helping bring our first products to life. Kostadin possesses a keen eye and strong attention for detail, as well as as an unhealthy obsession with consistency.
His engineering education has left a big imprint on his design approach, thus he always puts function before form and is fixated on lightweight construction. We are almost sick of hearing him quote Colin Chapman in the office. Kostadin is proud to be leading our talented design team and hopes that he can bring the thrill of the past automotive glories into the future trough adopting new technology.

Deyan Denkov Head Designer

Deyan Denkov
Deyan Denkov is a Lead Exterior Designer of Alpine A110 (Top Gear Performance Car of the Year 2018) and our Head Designer!


Deyan's story began in Yambol, Bulgaria, where his passion for automobile design ignited. Overcoming challenges from a small town, he caught the eye of Renault in Bucharest, kickstarting a remarkable 15-year career. His journey reached new heights when his proposal for the Alpine A110 impressed Renault's design director, leading him to the central studio in France.


Hard work and unwavering dedication define Deyan's philosophy, winning him the leading role of Lead Exterior Designer of Alpine A110. Deyan's design approach for the Alpine A110 aimed at timelessness, blending iconic elements with contemporary flair.


His experience extended to Japan, where he embraced the expressive nature of Japanese design at Infiniti. After two years in the Land of the Rising Sun, Deyan returns to Renault Alpine.
Now, with his new journey in Kinetik, we are thrilled to have such a visionary leading the design of our ambitious new project - the Electric Porsche 911 RestoMod that requires nothing less than the best in the world. He teams up with our seasoned designer Daniel Moreno, forming a dream team set to redefine such an iconic car.

Daniel Moreno Automotive Designer

Dani is a great example of why you should never give up on your dreams. Ever since he finished school he has done everything in his power in the hope of becoming a car designer. The automotive industry, however, is an extremely competitive field where often hard work and dedication alone just are not enough. By a pure stroke of luck though Dani found himself in Bulgaria visiting his girlfriend’s parents when the COVID 19 lockdown happened. Realising that he won’t be able to leave the country for quite some time he went on the internet in search of a job. Within five minutes he found the Kinetik Automotive website and the rest is history. 


Dani literally lives and breathes design and is constantly looking to make products more user-friendly. He defines himself not as an artist, but as an industrial designer who loves cars and for him, function should always come before form. He believes that vehicles need to serve a purpose but also create memorable experiences. 

Yavor Yankov Fabricator/Mechanical Engineer

An adventurer who can fabricate literally anything you throw at him, that is Yavor Yankov. He is an integral member of the Kinetik Automotive family and has been part of every project since the early days of the company. Usually, you can find him either at his desk or in the shop manufacturing yet another part for the Model 07 or any of our other undertakings. 


Yavor is also a one time downhill mountain biking national champion and an overall adrenaline junkie. He loves the outdoors, which you can easily guess by taking a single look at the vehicles he owns. Apart from the 4x4 he also has a campervan, which if you haven’t already figured it out, he is building himself. And the best thing about Yavor is that whether we are working or not, you can always rely on him to have a good time!

Ivan Zahariev Mechanical Engineer

Ivan grew up around his father’s car repair shop, which is where his love for cars comes from. To pursue his passion for designing vehicles he travelled to Austria to study automotive engineering. While at university he became friends with a car collector who happened to have a large number of classic rally cars, which as you could probably imagine, sparked Ivan’s interest in rallying and vintage car racing. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, that his favourite car is the Group B Lancia Delta Integrale HF.

Ivan is a very goal-oriented person, who doesn’t quit easily and likes to think that everything is possible, as long as you are ready to put enough time and effort into it. A mindset that we very much appreciate as it is the very backbone of our team.  Outside of work Ivan likes to spend time with friends and to get out in nature.

Kristiyan Valov Marketing & Sales Manager

Kris is a very contradictive person. While he works on one of the most communicative positions that might exist, he claims he is an introvert by heart. For Kris, understanding people is his second nature, which led to the most logical thing - working as a marketing guy. Being in the sphere for half a decade, he has finally found his place - solving any problem and fulfilling any goal where Marketing can fit.

In his spare time, Kris enjoys losing himself in the world of business books, researches on people's behaviour, playing videogames and doing some things on some random motorcycles. He is a passionate photographer and videographer, even thou he just can't find enough time and energy to do the things he enjoys the most.

Atanas Atanasov Mechanic

Stanislav Stoyanov Machine operator

Stanislav Stoyanov

Stanislav serves as our versatile expert in practicality and craftsmanship, akin to a Swiss knife in our team! With a background in machine mechanics and experience as a CNC machine operator, he brings invaluable skills to the Kinetik team.

Having worked as a furniture maker and, for an extended period, as a laser-cutting machine operator, Stanislav's diverse expertise is evident. However, his true passion lies in crafting leather accessories. If you come across any handmade holsters or wallets within our team, chances are they were skillfully created by him.

Pencho Grigorov Еlectromechanic

Pencho Grigorov

Pencho is an indispensable expert whose absence would make our projects significantly challenging to accomplish.

His fascination with electronics dates back some 30 years when his grandfather, a former electrician, ignited his passion for the field. Pencho's journey to find his niche began as a bartender and a versatile assistant, but it took a significant turn when he entered the realm of machinery while working at a boat service. A former Bulgaria Air mechanic recognized his potential and offered him a position as a junior Avio mechanic.

Pencho diligently acquired the necessary certificates during his five years in the aviation industry. However, he decided to change course, transitioning from sea to air, landing on solid ground to delve into automotive engines and electronics.

After gaining expertise in these domains, Pencho returned to Varna, where he established his own repair shop. Unfortunately, the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic forced him to close his business. He joins Kinetik to do two of his most coveted jobs, fixing cars and tinkering with electronics.

Daniel Dimitrov Logistics & Purchasing

Daniel Dimitrov


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