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NOV 13, 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce to the world the Kinetik STEAM Educational Go-Kart Kit!

The future of the world is in the hands of young, open-minded and brave people, who aren’t scared to ask questions, dream big and search for the impossible! 

Over the years, countless young talents have poured their hearts into making the Kinetik dream a reality. Many of them came specifically to Bulgaria, to engrave their names in the history of the electric automotive industry. Such examples are Anton – an intern at one of the biggest EV manufacturers in The Netherlands, Former Head Engineer at Kinetik Karts, and current HV Architecture engineer, Daniel Moreno – a Master in Industrial Design and amazing automotive designer from Argentina, Gerard van Laar – An automotive engineer from the Netherlands, and Maximilian von Ferrari – a young promising talent from Italy. 

Not to mention the young Bulgarian future electric superstars, who came as interns and made a huge impact in the Kinetik world. Such as Teodor Todorov, Ivaylo Kolev, Eugene Karamanliev, and many, many more boys and girls, who came, learned, gave value and continued on their professional path.   

Taking into consideration all the guys who have dreamed with Kinetik, one day we paused and pondered, “How can we give back to the next generation? How can we ignite the spark of curiosity and introduce more teenagers to the world of engineering, electric vehicles, and motorsport?”

And just like that the concept for the STEAM EduKartGo was born! 

Kinetik Branded STEAM Bart

What is a STEAM EduKartGo Kit?

The STEAM Educational Go-Kart Kit is our way to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of electric automobiles and engineers. 

For whom it is directed and what is included in the Kit?

The EduKartGo is an educational kit, provided to high schools, educational organizations, colleges and universities. The recipients will receive their karts disassembled part by part, until the very last nut. 

Together with that, the kit will have all the needed tools to be assembled, video instructions for the students, a learning curriculum for the participants (both students and teachers), and extra materials such as graphics for the bumpers.

And the most important part?

The electric kart was built with the highest measures taken for the safety of students!

About the intended program:

The STEAM EduKartGo Kit is foreseen to be built by students between 8th and 12th grade or 1st-grade university students, where up to 20 future engineers and car enthusiasts will be able to join forces.

It is calculated that the whole assembly of the STEAM EduKartGo Kit can take up to 70 lessons. This includes theory and practices. In matters of studied disciplines, the kit covers SEVEN directions:

  • Science
  • Electronics;
  • Mechanics
  • Software and hardware programming;
  • 3D printing and modelling;
  • Green mobility;
  • Graphic design & Digital Marketing
Teodor Todorov assembles EduKartGo Batteries
Teodor Todorov assembles EduKartGo Batteries

In which directions the project develops qualities in students?


•Study of physical processes: acceleration, electromagnetic forces, forces of attraction.

• Understanding the principle of electric motor drive from a physical point of view.

• Analysis of chemical properties of power batteries.

• Studying chemical reactions that occur in battery cells.


• Familiarity with rapid prototyping technologies, such as 3D printing.

• Using a 3D printer to make components for the electric kart.

• Post-processing and assembly of printed machine components


• VESC (Vedder Electronic Speed Controller) – engine control platform

• Basic knowledge of electrical engineers and applied engineers.

• Learn programming to modify electric motor settings.


• Graphic design, including creating brand identity and graphics for graphics software.

• Video content and processing, including processes such as kart assembly, interviews, timelapse, and creation of short clips.


Calculations and formulas for:

▪ Wheelbase

▪ Drive belt length

▪ Degree of tire wear depending on speed and temperature.

Built with passion and thought about future generations, the STEAM EduKartGo Kit teaches teenagers how to work in a team, keep deadlines and think outside the box!

If you are somehow related to an educational organization or know someone who could be interested in such a product, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting or check out a specifically dedicated page for this project at where we can introduce you and the children you teach to the world of electric automobiles!

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