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SEP 01, 2023
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The September for Kinetik will be electrifying and this is why!

With summer winding down, Kinetik has been on fire, churning out thrilling new projects and advancements in our product lineup. Our standout presence at the Sofia Festival of Speed turned heads, as we presented the Volvo P1800 RestoMod Plugin hybrid, our Go-Karts, and for the first time the highly anticipated Kinetik 21 electric motorcycle.

August had us closer to home, participating in the Auto-Moto Fest. The star of the show was our skilled pilot Diyan Stefanov, whose impressive maneuvers on the track left the audience amazed.

And now, as September approaches, we’re gearing up for another round of electrifying experiences. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and deliver excitement that keeps your adrenaline pumping!

Starrtup Ole 2023 Logo

STARTUP OLÉ ’23 – 04 – 07 of September

Exciting news is in the air as the Municipality of Varna and the Ministry of Innovation and Growth of Bulgaria extend a prestigious invitation to the Kinetik Automotive team. Our mission? To proudly represent our nation and showcase the cutting-edge Kinetik Electric Karts on one of Europe’s grandest stages, STARTUP OLÉ ’23.

Anticipation is building for this year’s event, which promises to bring together an impressive lineup of up to 800 speakers and 200 startups. We’re geared up and ready to introduce our Electric Go-Karts to a diverse audience, poised to leave them utterly astounded by the world’s fastest electric go-karts.

Don’t miss a beat—follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram as we gear up for this thrilling opportunity!

Volov P1800 Photo

Retro Automotives Exhibition “Nikolay Kolev” Varna – 09 of September

While our identity is rooted in cutting-edge technology and the creation of forward-thinking machines, we remain steadfast in our appreciation for the invaluable lessons left by classic cars of yesteryears.

For the second consecutive year, we’re thrilled to participate in the Retro Automotives Exhibition “Nikolay Kolev,” a celebration of automotive history that takes place in our beloved hometown of Varna. Our spotlight this year will be on the stunning Volvo P1800 Restomod we’ve meticulously crafted. While we won’t be entering the classic cars category due to the innovative modifications we’ve made – including the infusion of modern technologies and its transformation into a Plug-In hybrid – our intention is to inspire. We aim to showcase that a harmonious blend of the past and the future is not only possible but can also manifest in an exceptionally elegant manner.

We invite you to join us at the entrance to the Sea Garden, near the Sundial, where we can rendezvous and capture some captivating memories together. It’s a rendezvous you won’t want to miss!

Karting in action on a mountain race
Shot by IG @_cargirl06_

Mountain Climbing Todor Slavov – 09 – 10 of September

In Bulgaria, the thrill of mountain rallies is a beloved spectacle, an adrenaline-fueled extravaganza that captures hearts and showcases our nation’s racing prowess on the global arena.

For a decade, the iconic “Aladza Monastery” mountain rally track lay dormant. Now, with immense pride, we stand as honoured invitees by the revered organizers, Flat-Out Motorsport, to resurrect this legendary event.

Mark your calendars for September 9th and 10th, where at the crossroads of Golden Sands and the Aladzha Monastery, our tent will stand proudly, playing host to an exhibition featuring the remarkable Kinetik 21 and our exhilarating electric Go-Karts. As the engines roar, we’re geared to dazzle with a specially crafted choreography, a mesmerizing showcase that provides a glimpse into the astounding capabilities of our machines.

Join us amidst the thrill and cheers, as we celebrate the resurgence of the Aladza Monastery mountain rally track in a spectacle that promises to ignite passions and create memories that race on for a lifetime.

Kinetik Electric Carting in Varna

Demonstration on the occasion of the beginning of the school year – 15 of September

In our quest to shape a brighter future, we recognize that children hold the key to our collective tomorrow. It’s imperative that we invest in their well-being, passions, and growth. We’re truly honored to have received an invitation to a special event nestled in the heart of Varna, a celebration that resonates with our ethos.

With immense pride, we’re gearing up to take center stage in the central precincts of Varna. Our mission is to captivate young hearts and minds through a carefully crafted choreography that’s designed to leave an indelible mark. As the curtain rises, we’re set to demonstrate the magic of electric motorsports in a way that ignites curiosity and sparks the imaginations of our youngest viewers.

Our purpose is crystal clear – to channel the boundless energy of youth toward a greener, more sustainable future. Through this event, we aim to kindle a passion for eco-friendly sports, fostering a generation that not only dreams but acts to shape a world that’s brimming with vitality and promise.

We can’t wait to meet you at any of the events, to take some photos together and to inspire you to follow us in that journey!

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