The Acer ConceptD – Our Designers’ Tool of Choice

NOV 09, 2020

Mahatma Gandhi had once said, ‘A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history.’ This way of thinking is extremely important to us, as it is the very foundation on which Kinetik Automotive is built and functions. We also believe that we are only as big as the dreams that we dare to live and to achieve our dreams we need strong partners. Partners that understand our industry and the demands that come with it. Partners who share the same work ethics as us and aren’t satisfied with anything but excellence. Partners we can trust.

This is exactly what we see in the face of Acer and the reason why we opted for a partnership with them. Throughout the years they have proven time and again that they are a company that can be trusted. Their products are amongst the very best on the market and offer superior performance and reliability – all factors that are extremely important to working professionals. So once we saw what their new ConceptD lineup was capable of we knew that we have to have these devices at our disposal.

For those of you, who haven’t heard about these amazing new products, here is what the ConceptD stands for. They are a series of laptops and desktops created for the specific needs of designers and developers in the 2D and 3D environments. Their performance is by far the best in their class and allows our team to work with files of immense size with absolute ease.

From 3D scanning and CAD modelling to Virtual Reality and 3D rendering, they can do it all. Moreover, they do it far better and faster than anything we’ve ever experienced before. And as we employ a variety of rapid prototyping techniques speed is crucial for us. The ConceptD products take the minds of our designers away from the technical and allow them to instead focus on what really matters – crafting beautiful designs that work

Then there are the 4K ultra high definition screens that all these devices come equipped with. Higher resolution means more details, and details are everything when it comes to automotive design. But apart from the resolution, these screens boast great contrast and color accuracy ratings. Whether our designers are doing detailed sketches or 3D renders, colors play an important role in conveying ideas and emotions. And to be honest, I’ll be more than willing to steal one of the ConceptD laptops from our design team to do some photo and video editing on them! They are that good!

Considering all these great benefits, we believe that we have managed to find a great partner we can trust in the face of Acer and their ConceptD line of products. Now it is all about working together and creating a productive long-term collaboration between the two companies which would help us reach new heights in the development of our products.

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