Ivaylo Valkanov

APR 21, 2022

Ivo was born and raised in Madrid then moved to Bulgaria, where he`s studying Electronics Engineering. As a kid, he enjoyed taking stuff apart just to see how it works, later continued with fixing devices and now he is designing electronics from scratch. Paying attention to every little detail of any design he makes, Ivo is designing PCB’s, circuits, and solving any electronics-related tasks we can think of. Finding hidden and clever ways of solving issues is what his superpower is.

Did we mention his obsession with motorcycles? He enjoys riding and fixing them. The ’80s and 90’s enduro/dualsport bikes are his favourite: simple, reliable and without extra features – the essence of riding. He is currently restoring a Honda Transalp and very soon you’ll be able to see him with his new-old motorcycle on the streets of Varna.

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