Deyan Denkov

FEB 13, 2024
Deyan Denkov is a Lead Exterior Designer of Alpine A110 (Top Gear Performance Car of the Year 2018) and our Head Designer!


Deyan’s story began in Yambol, Bulgaria, where his passion for automobile design ignited. Overcoming challenges from a small town, he caught the eye of Renault in Bucharest, kickstarting a remarkable 15-year career. His journey reached new heights when his proposal for the Alpine A110 impressed Renault’s design director, leading him to the central studio in France.


Hard work and unwavering dedication define Deyan’s philosophy, winning him the leading role of Lead Exterior Designer of Alpine A110. Deyan’s design approach for the Alpine A110 aimed at timelessness, blending iconic elements with contemporary flair.


His experience extended to Japan, where he embraced the expressive nature of Japanese design at Infiniti. After two years in the Land of the Rising Sun, Deyan returns to Renault Alpine.
Now, with his new journey in Kinetik, we are thrilled to have such a visionary leading the design of our ambitious new project – the Electric Porsche 911 RestoMod that requires nothing less than the best in the world. He teams up with our seasoned designer Daniel Moreno, forming a dream team set to redefine such an iconic car.

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