Anton Ivanov

JUN 30, 2020

Describing a person with just a single word is a tough task, though that isn’t the case with Anton. He is an innovator by heart. And you don’t even need to have spent much time with him to know that. It is plain obvious. He has an incredible drive to create and introduce technologies that would help people have better, longer and happier lives. His enthusiasm is incredibly infectious which is one of the reasons why we love working with him so much. 


At Kinetik Automotive, Anton is our Project Manager and Electromechanical Engineer. He makes sure that the workload is distributed evenly and efficiently within the team and that all projects are moving according to plan. Apart from that, he is also accountable for most of the electrical work done on the car’s drivetrain. Moreover, he is also responsible for coordinating our network of partners and suppliers. So if you happen to be one of them, you are most probably talking to Anton.

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