After the intense development of the Model 07, we wanted to take a step back and explore a more basic and fun-oriented project. One that would take us to the grassroots of motorsport and allow us to achieve a whole new level of lightness. Thus we started discussing the idea of doing our own take on the purest incarnation of a sports vehicle - the go-kart. Naturally, we created an entirely 3D printed body and fit it with an electric motor for rapid acceleration and instant response.



The second vehicle in our lineup goes back to the basics of motorsport and its design reflects the purity and simplicity of that concept. We have cited certain elements from its bigger sibling the 07 to retain the family look but also given it a unique look that holds true to its motorsport heritage. By having an honest and simple visual style, we believe the look can stand the test of time.



If you’ve ever driven a go-kart then you know that it offers some of the best handling characteristics south of a formula one racer. Our powertrain, however, takes the experience to a completely new level. Most karts come fitted with low-powered engines that have a very narrow power band, killing much of the fun. Our track toy, on the other hand, delivers 20 kW and 90 Nms at the slightest twitch of your right foot.

  • Motor Power

    20 kWs

  • Motor Torque

    90 Nm

  • Curb Weight

    97 Kg

  • 0-90 kph

    3.9 s

  • Top Speed

    96 kph

  • Range

    11 km

  • Charge Time

    10 min

  • Battery

    32 Ah

  • Max Charge Power

    15 Kw

Production Starts Spring 2021

€ 11,900



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