Pencho Grigorov

FEB 13, 2024

Pencho is an indispensable expert whose absence would make our projects significantly challenging to accomplish.

His fascination with electronics dates back some 30 years when his grandfather, a former electrician, ignited his passion for the field. Pencho’s journey to find his niche began as a bartender and a versatile assistant, but it took a significant turn when he entered the realm of machinery while working at a boat service. A former Bulgaria Air mechanic recognized his potential and offered him a position as a junior Avio mechanic.

Pencho diligently acquired the necessary certificates during his five years in the aviation industry. However, he decided to change course, transitioning from sea to air, landing on solid ground to delve into automotive engines and electronics.

After gaining expertise in these domains, Pencho returned to Varna, where he established his own repair shop. Unfortunately, the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic forced him to close his business. He joins Kinetik to do two of his most coveted jobs, fixing cars and tinkering with electronics.

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