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Petar Chorbadzhiev

MAR 30, 2021

From a very young age, Petar was fascinated by technology and wanted to learn more about what made different gadgets work. As he grew up his passion shifted more towards cars which is why he enrolled in a mechanical engineering course at the Ruhr-University Bochum. During his time in Germany, Petar’s creative side got the better of him and he developed an interest in photography and videography. So alongside studying for his degree he started shooting car and music videos in his free time.

So how did Petar find us? Well after completing his internship at Mercedes Benz, he decided that he wanted to work at a smaller company and within a team where he would be pushing the boundaries on a daily basis. And while browsing Instagram of all places he landed on our page. Having seen our projects and our methodologies, he decided that Kinetik was the right place for him. From there it was a simple matter of exchanging a few messages and arranging a meeting with our CEO.

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