Dimitar Stanev

JUN 30, 2020

Mitko is an intern at Kinetik Automotive and even though he’s only been with us for a short amount of time he has already proven himself as a valuable asset and a great team player. Thanks to his hard work and dedication he has earned our trust and is now the lead designer on not one, but two different projects. Moreover, just like the rest of us, Mitko wears many hats. Apart from sketching and designing he is also the man behind many of the detailed parametric 3D models that we use for printing. 


Despite growing up in the computer age, Mitko has managed to find the balance between digital and analogue in his work. He believes that the latter offers more flexibility and virtually unlimited possibilities when trying to communicate an idea. Despite that, he admits that the speed and feel of doodling on paper are still unmatched by any digital tool he has ever gotten his hands on. When it comes to inspiration, Mitko has an appreciation for automotive designs from all eras, though he is most fascinated by the 1960s in America, when creativity, optimism and inspiration were off the scale and cars definitely reflected that.

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