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Android Application Engineer

Sample mobile projects:

– Expand the amount of detail about payments users can
see from the app

– Add support for creating and sending invoices directly
from the app

– Add new charts and data visualizations for users to understand
how their business is doing

– Dream up unique mobile-first features to make it seamless to
manage a business on Stripe

You will:

РDesign, build, and maintain Stripe’s Android app in Kotlin

– Work with engineers on product teams across the company to
develop new features for the app

– Collaborate with Android developers who work on the Stripe SDKs
and Stripe Terminal to set best practices for Android development
across the company

– Collaborate with stakeholders across the organization including
subject matter experts, design, infrastructure, and operations

– Work with user research to understand users and
address their needs

– Improve engineering standards, tools, and processes