Vasil Andreev

JUL 15, 2021

What do civil engineering and 3D printing have in common? Vasco! As you would have probably guessed already, Vasко is a civil engineer with years of experience in the field. But how did Vasco decide to give up on that prosperous career and take on the long and treacherous road to becoming a 3D printing guru? Well, like most of us, he grew a fascination with additive manufacturing and how it allows people to materialize their designs with ease. At that same time, his brother gave him a small 3D printer as a gift, and within no time, he was utterly hooked!

Soon after he found Kinetik, he got in touch with us came by to see our facilities. At the sight of all our 3D printers, he started acting like a kid in a candy store. Captivated by his enthusiasm, we immediately got him on board, and within no time, he became an integral part of our team. A little over six months later, he is now in charge of our 3D printing operation and is quickly becoming an additive manufacturing specialist.

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