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Ivan Zahariev

FEB 05, 2021

Ivan grew up around his father’s car repair shop, which is where his love for cars comes from. To pursue his passion for designing vehicles he travelled to Austria to study automotive engineering. While at university he became friends with a car collector who happened to have a large number of classic rally cars, which as you could probably imagine, sparked Ivan’s interest in rallying and vintage car racing. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, that his favourite car is the Group B Lancia Delta Integrale HF.

Ivan is a very goal-oriented person, who doesn’t quit easily and likes to think that everything is possible, as long as you are ready to put enough time and effort into it. A mindset that we very much appreciate as it is the very backbone of our team.  Outside of work Ivan likes to spend time with friends and to get out in nature.

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